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Hr manager asking questions to female candidate. Stockfoto-ID: 409047889. copyright: Pressmaster/shutterstock.com


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Thoughtful attractive businesswoman looking into the camera with a contemplative expression with her eyeglasses in her hand, head and shoulders portrait over grey background. Stockfoto-ID: 360420725 copyright: Michaelheim/shutterstock.com


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Panoramic view of Pariser Platz with famous Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate), one of the best-known landmarks and national symbols of Germany, in twilight during blue hour at dawn, Berlin, Germany. Picture number: 319406873

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  • John F. Kennedy at Rice University in Houston Texas Sept 1962: airwingmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/jfk-rice-university-1962.jpg
  • Business team member goofing off by Paul Vasarhelyi. Stockfoto-ID: 93339844 / www.shutterstock.com
  • UNITED KINGDOM - CIRCA 2003: a stamp printed by UNITED KINGDOM shows polar explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton who led three British expeditions to the Antarctic, circa 2003. (Stockfoto-ID: 173320721 / copyright: Sergey Goryachev/shutterstock.com)
  • Successful business deal - real estate agent and new female homeowner exchanging house key while shaking hands over a contract of house sale. Stockfoto-ID: 317382326 / copyright: Gajus/shutterstock.com
  • Businessman suffering to have a piece of jigsaw puzzle. Stockfoto-ID: 254697883 / copyright: beeboys/shutterstock.com
  • Business team member goofing off. Stockfoto-ID: 93339844 / copyright: Paul Vasarhelyi/shutterstock.com
  • Less is more business concept decision surrender better life success. Stockfoto-ID: 655442788 / copyright: Markus Mainka/shutterstock.com
  • Passing the Baton. Stockfoto-ID: 95085886 / copyright: Nicholas Piccillo/shutterstock.com
  • Surprised people. Stockfoto-ID: 726656743 / copyright: Ollyy/shutterstock.com
  • Financial development - calculator and pen on chart and graph paper. Stockfoto-ID: 781734982 / copyright: RomanR/shutterstock.com




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