Process + Tool = Never seen before Insights
Get concrete and clear recommendation what to do next

A detailed Analysis Report and a customized Training Agenda for your individual team situation is the perfect way to visualize your team performance results. 

Please find here an example report:

What makes this approach unique?
  • Evaluation of much more important aspects of teamwork than before
  • Comparison of the current performance level of your team with the recommended level of a top team of your team category
  • Identification of all "hard and soft" factors through structured interviews provided by an experienced consultant
  • Intelligent digital processing of collected data supported by sophisticated algorithms to increase the reliability of evidence-based recommendations
  • Concrete Recommendations for a maximum improvement in the shortest period of time
  • Optional measurement of team performance BEFORE and AFTER improvement steps to ensure a long-term optimization of teamwork
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The best way to assess team performance!