Sophisticated processes promise a good result - but only if they are managed properly.
Teamwork Essentials: If it isn't easy, it won't work.

My entire work life I was very well structured. I always need to categorize, prioritize and document my activities to be able to manage all my topics and tasks simultaneously and on time. My colleagues usually envied me for being so well organized.

One day my boss asked me to set up such a "system" for him, too. Of course, I felt honoured and agreed to help him. I asked for his objectives in respect of tasks and documents and created a system of notes, tags, lists and overviews. To make a long story short - he used it successfully for less than one week.


What did I learn from it?


The best system in the world is not working if you use it inconsequently or inaccurately. Because the issue with databases or even with paper lists is reliability. If you cannot be sure whether the information you see is correct, you are very likely to drop the entire system immediately. Therefore, if you want to introduce a new system, a new program or a new procedure into your team, you must take into consideration not only the output but even more important: the input.


My experience with many systems which I introduced in many different teams around the globe is that only if the input procedure is fast, easy and it becomes a habit, you will have a fair chance that your system will work.


Therefore, never plan a system which you would like to introduce into your team, together with the team members who are good in this. Orientate the input procedure on the weak members who will probably have difficulties. Only when the input is simple and fast for them, you can be sure that the system will be used. No matter whether you are talking about a Task Management Software, a CRM System, a Documentation Software or any other program - the rule is the same: If it isn't easy, it won't work.

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Andreas Damaske
Founder of Teamwork Engineers
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More than 30 years of business experience, his work with countless national and international teams as well as extensive literature studies have given Andreas many valuable insights and ideas on how you can make Teamwork interesting, satisfying and successful. In this blog he shares some of his insights with you.
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